Monday, November 21, 2011

DIY Spelling Tiles

We're taking this week off from school but I wanted to post one more really cool idea before getting swallowed in some much needed time off. 

I saw these really cool tiles at Home Depot a couple months ago... and had no idea how cheap they were! You can get a 14 x 14 square of tiles for anywhere from $5 to $15. Obviously, they are used for your house, but they are the perfect size for spelling tiles.  I made some puffy paint (recipe below) and painted the letters on the tiles. My original thought was that the puffiness would be a great sensory object for tracing the letters- but puffy paint isn't exactly easy to draw with. So after an hour or so of painstakingly trying to get my "a" and "e" to look right... I ended up just writing them on with sharpie. 

Here is the puffy paint recipe if you are interested. *note- the paint dries very matte and a little bumpy. it's a nice effect but just wanted to give fair warning. 

Equal parts salt, flour, and hot water. You may have to add more water to get it the right consistency. Add a dash of tempura paint or food coloring to get the color you want. Put in a squeeze bottle (I had one leftover from a sand art project). 

Grand Total: $5 

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