Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Play- pt 2

You know that feeling you have that you might be missing something huge? That constant fear that because you don't have an actual degree in Early Childhood Education you'll do things wrong or in the wrong order or at the wrong time?

I remember talking to my Mom, a first grade teacher, at the beginning of the year about my plans and goals and such. She said, "well, that's all great, just make sure he knows how to hold a pencil."

Here we are, November. We've done a ton of activities. We've been building simple sentences. Practicing syllables, reading comprehension, and blending.

Today I thought we would build words that we've been learning. I come out of the kitchen to find Bear, marker in hand, with the most inefficient grasp you could possibly imagine.


I'll try to make sure Mom, that he works on his pencil hold this year! A resource I really like, is The Write Start, which includes lots of activities for all age ranges. Things like using just a stub of a crayon to write, tracing letters in the air, and using a picture of a correct pencil hold to reinforce the concept. (see, I've read up on it, just haven't incorporated it)

We have had a lot of fun working on the story of thanksgiving. A couple things we started this week that I love, love, love are:

-a snack tray or nibble tray that has little bits of snacks that your munchkin can come and eat from throughout the day
-reading during meals. We've been reading The World of Pooh. I printed off a map of the 100 acre woods for a placemat.
-glue. i always have that "don't use too much" mentality. this week, as much glue as you want little buddy.
-less direction for some activities. for example, his magnet turkey looks anything like a turkey. but he did it all by himself :)
-budgeting for activities. we're not paying for preschool, so a couple dollars every week for things like bounce houses and lunch at chickfila are totally part of the schedule!

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  1. we used to have so much fun sticking those foam letters on the tub wall. :) Love the snack tray idea ~ cute!

  2. Hi.I'm visiting from Preschool Corner! You have some great ideas! And I agree, I am former teacher myself and teaching my 4 year old good pencil grip is challenging for me too. We are working on it here too and I can't wait to check out your recommended site. Thanks for sharing!