Tuesday, January 3, 2012

$100 Christmas

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Wondering how it turned out?

This year  instead of just not doing Christmas (or the alternative, putting it all on a credit card) we decided early in the season to budget $25 per person for gifts. The only rule was that the max was $25. Some things were made, some were hand me downs, and the rest were from the thrift shop. We had such a great day- with lots of surprises and two very happy kids.

Here is how it broke down:

tag reading system- free (passed down from family)
blocks- $2.00 (thrift)
pillow pet- free (repurposed fleece and about 30 minutes of sewing)
united states facts game- $2.00 (thrift)
race car track for rc cars $2.00 (thrift)
(i have to be honest, i thought i spent more on Bear, but I can't remember what i bought...)

family of dolls- $3.00 (for stuffing, reused fabric and pattern found online for free)
doll house- $12.00 (for paint, misc. wood blocks, trim, etc. + half a day of labor +reused cabinet in living room)

messenger bag- $14.00 (interfacing, belting, fabric, two nights, free instructions online)
patch for bag- $4.00 (ebay)
game of sequence- $2.00 (thrift)

all presents were bought by joe- who did not stay under budget-
two lbs of Christmas blend coffee
one super awesome bracelet from etsy (i did not pick it out)
one carabiner for my key chain

our Christmas Tree- handmade by Bear


$20 for stocking stuffers at dollar store
$22 for new books for the kiddos (i got 11 books, free shipping, all from www.betterworldbooks.com)
$1.48 for our physical christmas card (sent out 20)
real christmas card- free- all online + pictures by my sister in law

Cowboy handmade by my granddad Mullis

nativity set

supposed to be Mary... you can just use your imagination

learning about candles and fire and light

Happy Holidays!

Lauren, Joe, Bear, and Indie

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