Thursday, September 20, 2012

Practical Life Activities- Day 4 Sweeping

Sweeping is a lot harder than you would think- especially if you don't have the right tools. Adult sized brooms make it impossible for little ones even if they have the system down. This, I know, from experience.  A good quality kid sized broom is totally worth the expense. I got this broom (and the dustpan) from For Small Hands. It was under $10 and should last us quite a long time. 

For the actual activity today I taped out a rectangle on the floor and placed a bowl of popcorn kernels next to it.  The kernels will be placed up on a shelf so the little ones don't get to it when not in use. You could also place the kernels, dustpan and tape on a tray so they can put it on a shelf. 

I showed how to sweep by dumping out some kernels, holding the broom, and sweeping into the square. Then used the dustpan to get the kernels up from  the floor and place back into the bowl.  

Give them a chance to try and get a feel for it. 

Once we get the concept down I'll have Bear sweep the floor after dinner- leaving the square up for visual cues. 

Tomorrow: Window Washing
Yesterday: Lids

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