Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Transferring: Pumpkin Seeds {Practical Life}

I found this little kiddo in the sugar bowl today. Just spooning the sugar out of the bowl. Onto the floor. Nice right? I figured it was a good chance to introduce her to a transferring activity. I keep thinking she is too young (she's 18 months) but she focused on this activity extremely well.

We used:

Pumpkin Seeds (from a pumpkin we roasted)
A spoon
Two bowls

I showed her how to use the spoon to put the seeds in the other bowl. I also showed her how to pick up the seeds that dropped on the mat and put them back in the bowl. 

Even big brother came over to participate.

He ended up pouring in the end- he said it "worked better." To be fair, it was a lot faster.

(yes, he is wearing a costume. no, that is not consistent with the Montessori Method. I'm hoping to get a chance to jot down my thoughts on that in the next week or two....to be fair, he helped me sew it :) )

Happy schooling! 

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