Thursday, December 13, 2012

Colors {When they AREN'T Ready}

I was excited to start working on colors with Indie.It was going to be so fun! She loves to color and I was looking forward to impressing others that my toddler knew blue and red

I think that was my main reason for pushing it- it would be "impressive."

I had some color cards printed (Toddler Color Books from Montessori Print Shop).  I had Barrett help me put them on posters. Even he was excited. The idea was that we would go around the house finding things that matched the colors.

 Indie woke up from nap and Bear told her we had some new things for her to learn! Wasn't she excited?

 No. No she wasn't. She really really wasn't.

I told her what blue was. I showed her yellow. Asked me to show her blue. Asked me to show her yellow.She wasn't even close. She had no concept of it. 

Now, I know that Maria Montessori would have just put them away for a while. Pulled them out later to show again.

Clearly she wasn't ready. But I was still sad.

I reluctantly put them away. They are still beckoning me on the shelf. But I know, I know that she is not ready. One day she will be. And it will be amazing and exciting. 

But it will be on her own time. 

And that, I think,  is why I love Montessori so very much. 

Happy Schooling. 


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