Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Moveable Alphabet on the Keyboard

The moveable alphabet is one of those classic activities that Barrett has never wanted to do. Ever. I have introduced it many times over the past year. In that year he has learned how to read at what I'm sure is an impressive level for a four year old.

The moveable alphabet is a set of letters that you can take from a specific spot and place to build a word and than put them back in the same spot. The really nice sets are letter cutouts that the kids can really "feel." Some of the DIY sets are printed on paper. 

He has gotten to the point (and I knew he would) that he really wants to be able to write- but has very little options since he skipped over the whole phonics thing. 

So I've wanted to be able to allow him to get the concept of the moveable alphabet in a way that made sense to him so that he can succeed with ease in writing and spelling.

I couldn't get past the idea that the keyboard seems to have that built in.

Enter: an alternative to the moveable alphabet. 

I know it's not classical- but I thought I'd give it a try. 

I pulled out our moveable alphabet set that includes some three letter phonics cards. I told Bear that we are going to learn how to spell out the words on the keyboard and opened up a blank word document. I also told him how all the letters in our set are also on the keyboard. 

 He was actually really excited and seemed to have an interest in sounding out the words.

Benefits: an increased interest, accessible, keys are always in the same spot, sister can't dump out the box, computer skills

Drawbacks: no quite as hands-on, pressing the keys isn't the same as grabbing and holding a letter, increased screen time, probably more I can't think of....

We used the Moveable Alphabet Download from Montessori Print Shop in the Montessori at Home! Bundle

He worked on it for quite a while today so I think it may have been a hit! 

Have you found any ways to get kids excited about the moveable alphabet?

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