Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Encouraging: Cutting Practice

There is a tray in our school room that rarely, if ever, gets used. You would assume that it would be the math work. Or the reading. But it's not. It's those silly scissors. 

I've been giving Bear those gentle reminders that he needs to try to practice using the scissors. It is consistently met with a sigh and a half hearted attempt to cut a piece of paper in half.

So the other day I thought maybe using something he absolutely loves will help motivate him a little more in something he has a hard time with.

I put out some magazines for him to make a collage about Legos. We also pasted the word "LEGOS" at the top.

It still took a while and involved a lot of staring at the blank paper- but he did it!

He spent the majority of the time trying to figure out the mechanics of the glue stick... I shouldn't be entirely surprised... 

I kept the little one busy by having her paste scrap pages onto her paper. She was very excited to do this for quite a while. 

How do you motivate your kids/students to work in the subjects they don't like?

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