Monday, March 4, 2013

Activities for 19-23 Months

I can't believe we are on the verge of another birthday! Each year goes by so much faster than the one before...

Indie has been constantly reminding me of how much I simultaneously love and hate this age! I love her passion for learning new vocabulary and new skills. But she also has a very strong personality that can push the limits! Between coloring the walls with sharpie, moving chairs to unlock doors, and "tackling" her big brother on numerous occassions, I am sure my hands will be full for a while. 

Here are some of her favorite activities the past few months. I tried to only include ones she goes back to again and again. 

Threading. I was so grateful to find this set at the thrift store but you can see my post on making your own for almost free. 

Magnetic Drawing... the shapes are also a favorite. 

So many books! Books with flaps, books with animals, and especially books with bunnies. She has a small tray of board books on the shelf but can also access the others if she wants. Makes for pretty easy cleanup.

Her dolls. Dressing and undressing, feeding, changing. 

  Music. This is favorite we received as a gift.

Water Colors. I've been surprised how much this interests her and how quickly she figured out the "" pattern. 

Other things I don't have pictures for:
Numbers 0-3 (i'll have a post up soon for that)
Puzzles with pegs
Hinges (things that open and close)


  1. Great ideas. I need to do painting with my son a little more. Watercolors are great because they aren't too messy and clean up easy, but they are still paint!

    1. we really love watercolors! I also love the ones with the paint on the page- that way you just need water and a q-tip or brush to paint. Thanks for stopping by!