Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saying Thank You! {Practical Life}

It's our official back to school time so hopefully from here my posts will be a lot more consistent! 

We started off with a simple activity this week- saying Thank You. 

Thank You Tray

Sign with the words "Thank You" 
Sign Language representation of the words
Blocks/Coins/Tokens for each child
Box to put them in

Practicing saying "Thank You" with a ball

How to Introduce:
Invite any little ones to come join you in a circle. We did this first with three and than one on one. Tell everyone we are practicing how to say thank you today! It seemed to work fine both ways. It was easiest for us to have an older child (my five year old) hand me a block first. I said "Thank You!" and handed it back to him. He than said "Thank you."  Hand a small block/token to each child. Try to give enough time for them to respond with a thank you. Ask for them to put the token back in the box (make sure you say thank you!). Next you can pass the ball around, waiting each time for the Thank You. Some kids need a little reminder. Finally, try complimenting an article of clothing for each child. Give them a chance to compliment each other. Finally, demonstrate where to put the tray back on the shelf. 

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