Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Student Contract (Free Download)

 If you've spent any time learning about The Montessori Method you will realize pretty quickly that it does not allow for rewards or punishments based on work. 

So how exactly do you get the reluctant ones to accomplish anything in a day? Or anything other than science or reading or whatever their favorite thing is? 

This is one of the things that has drastically changed how we homeschool. It is essentially a guide that you work on with your kids, either at the beginning of the week or the beginning of the day, that outlines what they should/can be working on. 

We have tried out both methods- the beginning of the week and the beginning of the day. I find that for my procrastinator, daily sheets work a little better. It avoids the rush on Friday afternoon to get everything finished. For others, it may seems overwhelming and it would help to do it weekly. That would provide enough time for experiments or longer projects. The beauty is that it's totally customizable. We print off a dozen or so at a time and put them on a clipboard. After they are done they go into a folder. This also helps a ton with documenting work! 

Ideas for Making it Easier:
-number the favorites 1-3 and have them accomplish everything else first
-don't just write down what you want them to do, find out what interests them! If writing come easily, have your student write. if not, don't make it an issue, work on it together. 
-respect the level they are working on, you can always add notes later if you feel it should be harder
-allow time in the schedule. plenty and plenty of time. 
-some things won't get finished, talk about it! was it because they were working on something else? was it because they just sat staring off into space? 
-4 and up seems to be a good target age. 

If you have subjects that you work on that are different, make your own! This is just to serve as a guide. 

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