Friday, May 16, 2014

Music Appreciation: Peter and The Wolf

We LOVE film scores around here. My entire iTunes account is just about every kid movie released in the past 5 years. It's a little hard to justify making a unit out of Megamind but maybe I'll hit some inspiration soon. 

I was super excited when Barrett mentioned that they had been introduced to Peter and the Wolf in his music class and loved it.  There is a reason it's such a classic. It's the perfect way to introduce the sounds of various instruments and the kids can all relate to the story.  I put together some of the resources we've been using this week. There are probably a million more if you search "peter and the wolf unit study" but this should get you started! 

The Helpful Garden has free instrument nomenclature cards. This blog has been an incredible resource. Go check her out, she is phenomenal. 

If you want to just print the instruments for this music:
Violin (Peter)
Bassoon (Grandfather)
Oboe (Duck)
Clarinet (Cat)
French Horns (Wolf)
Kettle Drum (Hunters)
Flute (Birds)

Sarah Jane Studios has a beautiful paper puppet theatre you can print and make for only $5.50. The kids needed a descent amount of help but it was a great together project for the afternoon. 

We have been enjoying this copy of the music by Prokofiev. The story is narrated by Sting, how fun is that? The kids didn't really care, but you know, I thought it was a nice change from "Let it Go." 

You can listen for Free here as well. 

This is the book we checked out from the library. It goes along very nicely with the recording so the kids can follow along. 

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