Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Colored Bead Chains and Squares {Math}

I kept putting off presenting this one to my older one because I was a little confused by the whole thing. It was silly because it's so crazy easy even if you are horrible at math!!!  It's a pretty genius way to learn number squares. 

Square Chain Labels like these (free)
Large Mat or Floor Space (It takes up all of our table while laid out)
Tray to store if you don't have a cabinet (we don't!! it's ok... ;))

General Instructions:
1. Select a Chain. 3, 4 or 5 are good ones to start. 
2.  Move the beads one section at a time  (slowly) to show how a square is formed. 
3.  Place the bead square on top to show that it matches. Move it off. 
4. Use the number labels to show that the number was squared. 
5. Have the child count from the first set to the last set. 
6. If they seemed interested keep going!! 

- Since we introduced addition and multiplication already we talked about how 3 + 3+ 3 is the same as 3x3 is the same as 3 squared. 
-"Go fetch" is a great game where you ask the child to find a number within the chain. 

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