Thursday, August 21, 2014

Astronomy, Understanding the Universe {Science}

I introduced astronomy this week to our little guys. It's a fun album and one that we go back to quite a bit with the oldest.  We started with a discussion of the universe and I showed a picture. It's a good time to emphasize that "the universe contains everything starting with you" and how BIG the universe is. Pass around the picture (or look together). 

A fun (and classic) activity is to make a "universe jar." You need: jar, water, small pitcher, glitter, oil, dropper, and liquid watercolor (or food coloring). 

-put all the materials on a tray
-explain that you are making a model of the universe
-pour a little bit of water into the jar
-take a dropper of oil and add a few drops to the jar
-add a few spoonfuls of glitter
-add a drop of coloring if desired
-screw the lid on and admire
-invite the kids to make one for themselves! 

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