Friday, August 29, 2014

Sewing: Stuffed Bear {Art Friday}

Art Fridays are the days that I do my best to share an art related activity. Sometimes these are bigger projects, sometimes they relate to music or the visual arts. Sometimes they are the creative arts (like today). Enjoy! 

In retrospect, this project would have been significantly easier if we just made a pillow. But the house was quiet and I was feeling brave. The house is not quiet anymore and the baby is awake fully surrounded by a sea of Gerber Puffs. Oh well. 

Here is our hand dyed, hand sewn, new stuffy: "The Bear."

Barrett worked on this guy- some on his own- some with a bit of help from me. You can find the free pattern and tutorial over at Purl Bee

The fabric is upcycled curtains that we dyed with a natural homemade blueberry dye. 

Barrett helped pin and cut the pieces. Taking out pins and aligning fabric is an awesome way to include kiddos in a project. 

Using the machine set on low. 

Hand stitching the button eyes. I helped blind stitch the back and the legs on. 

He loves it. Mistakes and all. 

Let's just pretend he doesn't look crazy creepy. 

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