Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stamp Game Addition and Subtraction {Math}

We've been using our homemade golden beads for most of our large number work lately but I decided this week would be a good one to reintroduce the stamp game. This is one of my favorite materials. It's generally introduced after the golden beads. It's still a hands on way to work with large numbers but the "1000" "100" and "10" tiles have their corresponding numbers written on them as opposed to be 100 separate units. We purchased our from amazon and printed some stamp game paper

How to Use:

1. Introduction: Take out your golden bead materials and the stamp game materials. For each category, point to the unit and the corresponding stamp to show that they represent the same thing.  Mix them up and do a three period lesson to reinforce the concept. 

2. Addition: Write a simple addition problem on the stamp game paper. Make sure no regrouping is involved initially. Demonstrate how to pull down the stamps for each unit. Use the skittles if necessary to hold places. Place a ruler underneath the units for the first number. Place the second units underneath. Remove the ruler and push up the stamps so that they are all combined. Count up all the units and right in the appropriate place on the paper. Encourage the student to make up their own problems (or write a few on the paper for them). 

3. Regrouping: same as above but demonstrate how 10 "10 units" is the same as a "100" unit. Show how to replace 10 of those units with one of the red 100 units and continue adding. 

4. Three Addends Add three large numbers together. 

5. Check work. Show how you can take away an addend to see if you have the initial number. 

6. Subtraction: Same as addition but instead of adding numbers to the bottom demonstrate how to take them away and than count how many are left. If regrouping is necessary, replace the unit needed. 

You can use this material for multiplication and division as well! When we get there I will post it! This corresponds well with Singapore student work book 2A Exercise 12-24. 

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