Monday, September 8, 2014

Book of Centuries {History}

I'm really excited about incorporating this into our homeschool. A book of Centuries is more or less a timeline that is kept in a notebook or journal. You can find details and even a free printable at Simply Charlotte Mason but we decided to use a large journal for ours that I picked up at the craft store. We are also just doing one as a family but if your kids are older it would be great for them to work on individually. 

Traditionally a book of Centuries would start at 4000 BCE and go through AD 2100 but we started a bit earlier. Because it would be impossible to do every hundred years from the beginning of time we split it into manageable pieces:

The Beginning of Time (everything before the Paleozoic Era)
The Paleozoic Era
The Mesozoic Era
Cenozoic Era
Coming of Humans (Early Man)

This is the start of our century divisions: 4000 BCE- 3901 BCE and so on. 

If you incorporate Montessori into your home this would be easiest to do after The Great Lessons.   These stories go up to the history of writing and mathematics and are a great transition into Ancient History.  

Narrating and sketching the end of the Minoan Civilization. We also compared it to other parts of history we had learned about. 

Placing ourselves in the book. 

We had a TON of pages leftover at the end so Barrett thought they would be great for map work and I agreed.  We'll make sure we can cross reference ancient maps with current ones and maybe tape a few in there as well. 

This is a long term project and it will be invaluable as time goes on. What better way to keep track of what we've been learning?  

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