Friday, October 3, 2014

Leather Stamping {Art Friday}

Lately we've been able to start a lot of our days with paper and colored pencils. I leave them out in the morning so that after breakfast and my coffee and the kids finish up their morning tv time, we can start our work together. 

Most of the time the oldest just listens to music and Indie experiments with lines and colors. It's very simple and there is no end goal, it is just us. It's a rhythm that fits our learning style. 

This week we decided to do a little leather stamping for art appreciation. It's really simple and you can find kits at your local craft store.  Joann has one like this. Hobby Lobby had a similar one for a bit cheaper. 

 A general rule of thumb is to get your leather wet before starting. 

 The mallets are pretty light- hammer your stamp onto your leather piece.  

This set included arrow head shaped key chain and would be a great lead into Native American cultures. Indie is holding up a bracelet she made as well. 

If you are working with Montessori at home this would fit into your practical life work. 


  1. I was never exposed to this type of art or practical life work growing up. Do you hammer just enough to make an indent, or do you hammer all the way through? My son loves hammering. I can so see him getting such a kick out of this!

    1. It depends on how hard you hit. You don't go all the way through but if you hit harder it'll be a darker indent. I think hammering is always a hit!