Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Fun


 Finger Knitting

I really wanted to start this particular blog to share what we've been learning this year. But as I started uploading super cute pictures of everything we've done, I was hit with a reality- all of these days were incredibly hard at one point or another. It's easy to look and see what people have been doing and get incredibly jealous- as they tend to post the best stuff. We have had SO much fun exploring and learning, but we are also living a very real life as a young family. I hope to continue to share our projects and ideas in the months to come and I hope even more that you find them inspiring and encouraging in your own ventures. 

You will also notice the lack of worksheets. We've been focusing on manipulatives, reading, enjoying the outdoors, and lots of playdates. It's preschool. Lets not get crazy :)

 Riding to the Park
(Dad just got back into town, Mom had a headache, and the house was a mess)

 Skipping Rocks
(Bear threw a rock and it hit his head 5 minutes after this picture, we carried him to the car crying)

 BFIAR Book of the Week- Katy No Pocket
(I wasted an entire afternoon making that silly apron, which he has never worn since. The house was beyond a disaster as I skipped doing the dishes to sew and the sewing supplies were EVERYWHERE)

 In the Kitchen
(I forgot to eat breakfast so by the time I ate the coffee cake crumble, my blood sugar was a disaster... end of story)

(got paint on the chair, took a bath, colored his arm in marker post bath)

 Gym Time- @RopeWorld
(got hit in the head with a rope, Bear's lip was bleeding and he had a total meltdown while I was cleaning up the blood- not because he was injured- because he wanted to play)

Pumpkin Decorating- "Sad Pumpkin"
(lonely weekend. Dad was out of town. still haven't made it to a pumpkin patch with the whole family)

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