Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pipe Cleaners and Ribbon

I know the last post was pretty much geared towards what we've been doing with Bear so I thought today I'd throw up a short one on what little Indie has been doing. Here's some baby love:

Indie's been doing such a great job sitting I thought it'd be the perfect time to introduce some fine motor skills.

 Here is an old oxiclean container, some scrapbook paper, and pipe cleaners. She had a blast dumping and chewing. It was fun to see her face light up when we cheered things she did well- like hand me a pipe cleaner or pick one up off the floor.

 I also taped the bottom to protect the paper a bit from being chewed on. 

The other fun activity we started was an old tissue box that I filled with fabric scraps and ribbon. Same ideas as above, just different textures. 

That's it! Now go play!

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