Monday, February 20, 2012

Science: Magnets

This is a really easy experiment that you most likely already have everything for. 

Index Cards w/ label (magnetic, nonmagnetic)
Small Bowl 
Various Household Objects
Magnet- the bigger the better but all we had was a small craft one and it worked great

Start with your objects in the bowl. Show how to "test" each object. Have them sort objects under the correct label. Place all the objects back in the bowl when finished. 

See how easy? 

The favorites were the pipe cleaner (which we found out was actually magnetic and in the wrong spot in the picture) and the small pin. They both lifted up off the tray and provided a good 30 minutes of fun. 

New Vocab: Magnet, Magnetic, Non-Magnetic

Extension: Cut up some pipe cleaners and place in a bowl. Use the magnet as a fun transfer activity. 

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