Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

It's been so great to be able to "celebrate" Dr. Seuss's Birthday this year. Bear has been super excited about all the activities and he even woke up this morning shouting "Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!!" 

We spent most of the morning reading. 

We made "oobleck" for our sensory tub. The recipe is:
 2 parts cornstarch
 1 part water
green food coloring

Here are some printables from Beth over at Living Life Intentionally- thank you so much for the awesome materials! The link links right to the Seuss Printables. 

And to finish off the day, some Cat in the Hat/1 Fish 2 Fish  inspired cupcakes:

The picture doesn't really do them justice.... I use peach shaped candy and marshmallow's for the hats. The fish are just gummy fish with toothpicks. 

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