Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clouds-Wind-Air Study

It just seems so perfect when a simple question turns into a two week long lesson. 

I feel like this whole unit was an accident. A wonderful perfect accident. 

"What are clouds"
"What are those ones called?"

I  found some great free printables on Clouds from Montessori Community.  We keep these in our Outdoor Bag and pull them out when we are outside. 

We read this book about Wind. It's called I Face the Wind and it's part of a series, Science Play. I love these books. They are perfect introductions to difficult to understand concepts. They incorporate easy experiments that reinforce ideas. While we got our from the library I'm going to work on adding the books from the series to our home collection. 

We were able to visit NCAR outside of Boulder. We had gone up for a hike but the wind pushed us inside. Turns out they have a whole building full of information and exhibits about everything atmospheric. I had no idea!! It fit in so well, I can't believe I didn't even think to plan it! A must see if you live in the area or are out for a visit. 

 Their website has some fun games: https://spark.ucar.edu/games
(These are geared towards an older crowd- but use your discretion)

 Watching a video of a wildfire spread

Reading up on the computer science behind atmospheric research... (would that be considered "nerdy" or "geeky????")

I didn't get any good shots of our activities- but if you want some more info/ideas check out: Living Montessori Now Weather Unit.  

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