Monday, April 2, 2012

Penguins- 3 Part Cards and Activities

I really enjoyed pulling this unit together. We started by watching a live webcam feed of the penguins at Sea World. They have a really great question and answer time on Mondays at 12 EST. We also watched clips of Frozen Planet (we don't have a real tv, so we can't watch the full episodes until they come out on video) The clips were fantastic and seemed to old Barrett's interest for a while. Maybe even longer than sitting for the whole episode. 

Here is a really fun Sensory Box idea: 

I used rice, beans (for pebbles), a small tub of water, a sea lion and a penguin. It's all in an old swiffer refill box. 

Barrett had so much fun having the sea lion chase down the penguin to eat it. (I'm just going to assume that's a boy thing!) There is a pretty great clip of a sea lion and a penguin racing on land on the Frozen Planet website.  He was disappointed we didn't have any fish for the penguin to eat. So... if you have some fish, it'd be fun to add those too!

Here are some 3 part cards with 5 different types of penguins. I would really like to get a chance to make a little book of information on each type- hopefully I'll be able to get to that later in the week. 

3 Part Cards

Size Sort with Labels- I made them relative to what they are in real life. The Adelie being the smallest and the Emperor being the biggest. I also included a brief list of differences between the King and the Emperor penguins as they tend to look similar. 
Size Sort w/o Labels

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  1. I LOVE your sensory box, Lauren! And your penguin printables are wonderful ... thanks so much for sharing them! I'm so glad you linked up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: