Friday, April 13, 2012

Learning with Friends

We have been lucky enough to have two awesome little ones join us once a week for "school" the past couple of months. 

Most weeks I introduce a new activity and the kids have some free time to play. I found that if we set up different stations around the house everybody seemed to feel like they had their own work space. 

Today was one of the most excited days we had so far though. 

Bear has a super hard time with phonics- so bad in fact we have just skipped over the whole thing in his reading. R on the other hand is a pro at phonics.  I had pulled out the materials hoping that R would enjoy an introduction to the moveable alphabet and after about five seconds she had it figured out. I later looked over to find them working together and taking turns being the "teacher."  R was sounding out the letters and Bear was letting her know whether they were right or not based on his memory.  

W working on his lego house

Reading to each other (totally initiated by the kids) Bear was able to read Brown Bear Brown Bear by himself and R came up with the cutest version of Time for Tom based on the pictures. 

First independent patterning by Indie- she was so excited to show me! It was precious. 

I feel so blessed in taking a part of all these little ones learning experiences. They seem to teach me more than I teach them.  And now, before I get too sentimental,  I must do some damage control in the living room....

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