Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Super Worm- Bear's First Story

During reading time the other day Bear asked me why there isn't a book called "Super Worm." He wanted to combine two of his early reader books into one story. One was about a Super Mouse and the other was about a worm who smells. I told him why not write one?

He was so taken aback...

"me? write a book? but i'm just a kid "

I told him that of course he could write a book! I also told him that I'd help him out with the typing and the spelling if he told me what to write. We than printed it and glued it onto some paper so he could illustrate his new book. 

Super Worm

Super Worm jumps off a rock stone.
Super Worm jumps off a rainbow.
Super Worm jumps off a lego.
Super Worm jumps off another rainbow.
Super Worm jumps off a hill.
Super Worm flies.

He is one of those kids who goes to the last page to see what happens and than reads the story after. I never really understood that. But it was so interesting to see him write the same way! He started with the end- "worm has to crash mom!" and than he dictated the rest of the story to me from the beginning. Bear never really has liked to color, let alone to use more than one color at a time, so I was very surprised when I came back to find the pictures he illustrated for his book. I guess he just needs a reason to draw! 

I helped a lot with the spelling, I wanted him to be able to see his finished project without a lot of frustration. I did the same with the glue and the paper. While all those skills are important, our end goal was much more important and we'll be able to practice most of those skills with time. 

Anyway, it is a pretty clever story. It still makes me chuckle a bit when I read it. Nice work little buddy. I look forward to reading all the stories to come!


  1. That is so awesome! I love the crash ending :-)

    1. me too :) although most of his stories end with some sort of crash landing :)