Monday, June 11, 2012

Tips for Fun Nature Walks

We are super blessed to have so many different types of trails around where we live.
 While not every trip has been great with happy smiley kids, many have. I find the more often we go the better they become. We have gone on a ton of walks the past month so I figured it would be a really great time to write down what has worked for us. 

What seems to have worked for our family?

1. Trying. Trying out different paths. Different parks. Different areas. You never know if it's the perfect place or the worst if you don't try. Check out some hiking books from the library or look online. I found a ton I didn't know about just by getting a book from the library. 

2. Going with friends. That way it doesn't seem like forever you are watching an ant cross the path because you have another mom to talk with. You could also bring a book or simply relax in the cool grass. 

3. Having realistic expectations. Are they tired? Is it hot? Is there shade?

4. Give them a scavenger hunt. (You can make it up as you go...find me three rocks. Find me a stick, a rock, and a leaf.) Don't make it crazy. Just be present. 

5. Have lots of snacks. Lots. Or they may resort to eating the bugs they have been catching. 

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