Friday, July 20, 2012

Straight Stitch- Practical Life Work

Lacing is a great activity for all ages. Indie has a fascination with taking the strings out of our lacing boards. Bear has been getting really consistent with his. One of the few fine motor skills he doesn't get frustrated with! 

You can find free printable lacing cards all over- Activity Village has some great ones. 

Yesterday Bear really wanted to sew with me and I finally decided to be brave enough to try it. Here is what we came up with: 

Our supplies:
Red Crochet Yarn (really fine but thick enough for him to see what he was doing)
Regular Hand Needle

We cut a simple shape (a fish) from the felt. Cut two pieces. You can make whatever you feel inspired with- just keep it simple enough to make it easy to stitch around. Stitch around the outside leaving a space big enough to fill. We used a straight stitch for this one. This activity works great with any stitch though.  Bear stuffed it with some filler. 

I helped with threading the needle- we haven't worked on that yet and since we used a thicker thread (crochet yarn) it made it a bit tricky. 

And Voila! We have a fish. 

Here is a good link to different types of stitches. Youtube is also very helpful if you are feeling lost. 

We have also worked a bit on sewing buttons-  I hope to get a post up soon on how to introduce that as well. 

Trying my best to link up this week!

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  1. What a great activity, Lauren! It's awesome that your son is so interested in it! Thanks for the great links, too. I appreciate your linking up with Montessori Monday! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: