Monday, September 24, 2012

Practical Life Activities Day 5- Windows

We took a little break over the weekend to enjoy the little bit of time we had with Dad but today I have the next post in our 10 Days of Practical Life Activities. 

Traditionally, I've seen window washing activities done with a squeegee. I've never really used one nor do I have one-so we settled for a towel. I think it works well enough for now.

We have tin pail for the cleaner and a small towel- it has a spot on the shelf in the family room the kids can access. The cleaner itself is a kid friendly homemade enzyme cleaner. 

I demonstrated how to spray and wipe across the panel. Then allowed him to try on his own. Finally I showed him where the pail with the rag and the cleaner goes on the shelf. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Tomorrow I'll go over sorting silverware and show some pictures of our Montessori friendly kitchen. 

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