Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Practical Life Activities Day 6 Sorting

If you've spent time sorting anything from buttons to pompoms sorting silverware is super easy. Bear starting sorting the silverware at 3- he never liked the trays I set out with sorting activities on it. I think this activity is great because it has a direct purpose and end goal. Forks, knives and spoons. That's it. At first it's a bit easier to separate out the random stuff so it's just forks and knives and spoons.

Today I thought I'd also share a bit of our kitchen. There really isn't anything super special about it- other than the kids have access to a descent amount of stuff.

 Cups, Plates and Bowls. The basket has plastic silverware. Mixing Bowls on the bottom.

Snacks are in the white container.

 Cold snacks are on the top shelf. The picture made it a little tricky to see. Water is on the right so they always have easy access to water (or beer). 

This is where I put our meals and snacks. The kids love to look over and read what they should be getting. If there is a recipe, I'll put that on there as well. Easy to do first thing in the morning or change at any point during the day. 

 Nothing fancy- just hooks down low enough for them to reach. A spot for their helmet and jacket. The cards are "time cards" they use for screen time.

Bins for shoes. It's easier. The kids are kindof color coded. Bear is orange and Indie is green.

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