Thursday, September 27, 2012

Practical Life Activities Day 8- Rest

Rest is something that seems to easily elude me. Well, maybe not just me. Maybe most of us. Or all of us. 

In fact, right now my son keeps coming out of his room asking me if break time is over. No. It is not. Not even close. It's been 5 minutes. Please, go rest!

I included this post in our series on Practical Life Activities because it is an integral part of our family's daily life. 

I remember a couple months ago I saw this post over at Living Montessori Now on the silence game. That week was chaotic- I was trying to do way too much. Her post came at a much needed time in our homeschool.

Here is a link to an article by Maria Montessori: Importance and Nature of the Silence Game

It's a short article and worth the read. 

The silence game is directed at listening and is one of my kids absolute favorite activities. Even the little one, Indie, at 9 months loved it.

This week I reintroduced the tray- I'm sad to say we had put it away and forgotten about it.

The tray is nothing special- just a sign and a candle. Check out the links for how to actually play the game.

To play:
-Bring out the tray (or point ot a sign). 
-Tell the kids they need to be absolutely quiet!
-Let them know you will be calling each one of them by name and they have to listen for it and they need to walk to you very slowly and quietly, without disturbing anyone else. 
-Call their names (after waiting a bit)
-make sure to call everyone's name! (n a homeschool that won't be super hard :))

-Incorporate this into work time. If you find them quietly working, I like to call their names quietly and wait for them to come over. 


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