Sunday, September 30, 2012

Practical Life Activities- Day 9 Command Cards

This is another fun game that my kids have kept as a favorite for a long time. Traditionally the cards are  a little bit bigger than the printable but these fit in our little tray so they seem to work fine for a home-school setting. 

To Play:

(Print on Cardstock or Laminate for durability)

Place cards in a pail or bowl or basket.
Tell the kids you have something fun to show them. 
Pull out one card and read it. 
Have them do the activity and come back for the next one. 

For older kids it's a great reading activity. My son likes to read them to me and have me do the tasks. 

For younger kids it's fun to see them focus on what they are supposed to be doing. Indie tends to get distracted while, say, going to get a book. 

Tomorrow is our last day of our 10 Days of Practical Life activities. To see a list of our last posts, see the top of the page and look under "Practical Life Activities." I'll keep updating the links as we continue to do more activities through the year. 


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