Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Geometric Solids {Math}

We totally got around to this today! I had been excited to go over this with Bear again. The first time around I really didn't know what I was doing and I don't think I presented the solids in a visually interesting way. He also may have not been ready yet. So here we are a couple of months later and it went much better! 

Here is what is in our tray:

Geometric Solids Cards from Montessori Print Shop
Geometric Solids from Montessori Outlet
Mystery Bag from Montessori Outlet (came with the solids, blindfold works well too)
Polka Dot Tray from Hobby Lobby
Mat (we use a lot, it's a cabinet liner from Home Depot)

I was surprised he remembered a lot of the names so we were able to do a super quick three period lesson to refresh. Since we purchased the items at different times, the shapes on our cards don't match up exactly with geometric solids from Montessori Outlet. Bear was a champ and "made" a couple (the cone and ovoid) to fit. I think even though it wasn't ideal, it was a super great learning experience.

After we were done with the cards we played a game with the mystery bag. I just asked him to find me different shapes... 

and then I took a turn and had him ask me to find objects...

There were lots of giggles when I pulled out the wrong ones.

I am hoping to post introducing simple shapes to Indie this week- we'll see how it goes :)

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  1. I love how you came back to the geometric solids, given at the right time, children love them! It looks like you were both having fun!

    There are cutouts where you can make your own geometric solid, like the cube, by cutting out the shape and then taping the sides together (for five-year-olds).

    My son loved geometric puzzles, too!