Monday, October 29, 2012

Child Lead Learning {Science}

I had intended to introduce shapes to Indie (18 months) and reintroduce 3-D shapes to Bear (4 1/2) this week but...that didn't happen yet...I even had my whole blog post ready for what we did and how it went. Guess I got ahead of myself a little bit....

Today Bear went straight for the skeleton cards (montessori print shop). I went through a three period lesson again to help him remember the names. I introduced them a couple of weeks ago and it's been a favorite since. 

After that we started looking through the Schick Notebook Charts which is a beautiful book of anatomical charts that I found while thrifting. My degree is in biology and I find it hard to resist books in that field. I had purchased it for myself but the kids showed so much interest I put it with our materials!

It was a good 90 minutes or so before he came up for air. Refreshed and ready for the next task of the day.

This afternoon was a perfect example of child lead learning. 

It's so easy to get caught up in the newest inspiration on pinterest or other blogs and forget that the kids may have a perfectly acceptable version of their day all on their own. 
I'm taking a minute today to remember those things and be so very thankful for the flexibility to learn based on interests with no time constraints. One of the very reasons we jumped into this whole Montessori thing in the first place.

What have your kids taught you this week? Was it what you expected?



  1. Lovely to see children interested in and learning about the sciences! Great job!

    1. Thanks Lisa! But to be honest, I just provided the environment. He did most of this on his own!