Monday, October 1, 2012

Practical Life Activities Day 10- Phone Calls

Today we wrapped up our series on practical life activities with learning how to make emergency phone calls.  I did this with my older one- he's 4 1/2. Most cell phones have a way to make emergency calls without unlocking the whole phone. I showed my son how to go step by step and call my husband at work. I showed him first (gave my husband the heads up) and let him try on his own. Not surprisingly- it took him one shot before he had it down. In fact, I'm almost positive he knew a quicker way and was just humoring my "lesson."

This activity is also really great for just personal calls.  You can tie in manners and how to ask questions. 

Indie has a tendency to make random phone calls when she finds my phone really liked this activity :) 

Thanks for joining us on our 10 Days of Practical Life Activities. I know there are countless other activities that I could never have gotten to. Keep coming back to see what we're up to this year!

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