Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What to do with Short Poetry Cards {Language}

Montessori Print shop has some really nice (and totally free!) Short Poetry Cards (at the bottom of the list.) My kids have loved reading through them but I wanted to share some of the extensions we have been doing with them. 

I printed and laminated ours and took out two that were related to the season. 

Here's what our lesson looked like:

-we read through Autumn Leaves and The Little Seed
-I had Bear pick the one he liked better
-We talked about each line: Where are the leaves? What color are they? What season is coming next? What season is it now? 
Here is a conversation we had about the last line: 
"What are the trees doing? Going to bed? What? With blankets????"
"no Mom! Trees don't have a bed!"
"What does that mean than?"
"I don't know! I guess they rest before spring."
{Enter quick botany lesson on trees...}

I also didn't want him to get too literal with the poetry so we went back to the cards and I asked him to either play a song about the poetry or draw a picture about how the poetry made him feel. He opted for the picture. I had assumed he would draw some yellow, brown and red leaves but I was wrong!

"This is me swinging on the new rope swing by the tree"

We just put up the rope swing this week and he said it's what makes him think of fall.We had a great time with this activity and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to work our way through the rest of the cards!

How do you use Short Poetry? 

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