Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Animal Unit {Tot Friendly}

I got the chance to introduce some animal/baby cards to Indie this week. I have a hard time calling this a "unit" as animals are pretty popular no matter what the age and we will be constantly using them for just about everything...BUT... I figured since we have been focusing on animals it was worth a post!

We are using the Animal/Young Toddler Cards from Montessori Print Shop. They also have cards for older kiddos. Indie was shaking with excitement while I was laminating them- it was pretty cute. 

In addition to a pretty basic three period lesson, I have been extending our lesson time a little bit. I will lay out three cards and ask which is the baby or adult. We go through some of the animal sounds. Finally we have been matching the babies to the adults (this is a little tough, we just do a couple familiar ones like dog and cat.)

We have been playing with the "My Animal Barn" toy we received as a gift. It is a long time favorite. The kids love how the animals make pretty realistic sounds. I love how they go back in the barn when they are done playing.

For books we have been reading:

Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood (I have them do the actions in the book)
Owl Babies by Martin Wandell (wonderful book, this is her favorite)

I have everything somewhat close together on the shelf.

*hooray for being somewhat back to normal*

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