Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pirate Play (or maybe Pirate Work...)

Yesterday Barrett was able to go see the "How I became a Pirate"  play with our homeschool group. It was based on the book by David Shannon.  I was stuck at home with the little ones but he said that he LOVED it. 

 Digging Holes and Burying Treasure

I kinda figured it would jump start some pirate imaginary play- but was pretty impressed that it turned more into work in the backyard for a couple hours. He started by burying some treasure with the shovel, drew a map in the sand, demonstrated how to dig up buried treasure and dug a few more holes for a while.  He also filled all the holes back up (which I was super thankful for!)

Drawing a Map to his Treasure

Here is his video explaining what he was working on:

(sorry it's a little hard to understand...we have been working hard on articulation and have been using videos to help)

When it was all said and done he did some practical life (shovelling), prewriting (drawing a map), articulation (making a video and explaining what he did) and playing and using his imagination.

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