Monday, November 12, 2012

Geometric Terms

Part of our daily routine includes some work on Starfall ( I have been really impressed with their site over the past couple of months. Many of the interests and activities we've done hands on have been a direct result of Bear discovering them there. 

This past week I noticed he had been spending a lot of time in the Geometry and Measurement section. It was good encouragement for me since we had been doing a lot of those activities together. I made some super simple geometry term cards for him on index cards and told him I wanted to show him a new activity. 

On the mat:
Index Cards with Terms (angle, point, circle, semicircle, curve, line)
Dry Erase Board

He very quickly named the six: point, curve, line, semicircle, circle and angle.  I asked him to simply practice drawing them. I had intended it as a simple copy project but he impressed me and drew a picture instead. The starfall activity does a drawing after they finish matching the terms, that must have been his inspiration. 

There are so many applications for these! Shapes, letters, pictures, pre-writing, art... You can also make duplicates of the cards and make it a fun matching game.  I'm really looking forward to seeing more of his drawings and hoping that some of the skills carry over seamlessly to his writing. 

Do you have any other creative ideas for these terms?


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  1. Geometry exercises are so important for pre reading and writing and art, as you stated! Loved it!