Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas 2012

We hope that this past year has been a good one!  We have been thoroughly enjoying the new home we moved into this September. It's only a few blocks from our old place but we feel very blessed to be living here. 

The kids have been very busy growing up. We have still been doing "school" this year at home. You can catch up with many of the things we are learning on this blog. Feel free to check in often :) Barrett has been learning the piano and loves it. He also got the chance to play soccer this past fall again. Indie is commonly referred to as the "tornado." She also loves to clean up and organize though- so it's a good balance :)

Joe has been busy with tons of projects- everything from building us a new dining room table to building speakers and an amplifier. He is still working at Summit Integrated Systems designing and installing av systems for churches. He also started running monitors at church again this year after taking a break for a couple years and really loves it.

I have been, well, busy. Between teaching the kiddos and taking care of the house I am very much ready for a vacation! I have been enjoying running and biking at the gym along with sewing and crafting when I get tired of folding laundry. I have been enjoying helping out in the toddler rooms at church this year. 

We decided to try and summarize our year this year using photos similar to what we did last year. I hope you enjoy them!

A huge thank you to Sarah, at Sarah Nicole Photography, for taking our family pictures again this year. Doesn't she do a wonderful job?

Merry Christmas from the Jones Family!


  1. I LOVE the pictures. the kids look so big, and you look stunning lauren!! Glad to catch up with your family. I'm getting a card to you soon :)
    love ya!!

    1. so glad you got the card! Barrett really enjoyed the birthday card and said that it was awesome because he really loves ducks. I thought that was cute :) Hope you guys are doing well! Wishing we could get together for a playdate!