Thursday, December 6, 2012

Drawing and Tommie dePaola {Virtual Book Club}

Do you ever have a book that just sits there for a really long time. Waiting to be picked up. The kids never seem to grab it. And then... one day... you actually pick it up  and it becomes a favorite? 

That's been our story with the Tommie dePaola books.

Barrett and I have been working our way through 26 Fairmount Avenue. He loves all the pictures at the beginning and is constantly going back to check and see who the author is referencing. 

The kids thought Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato was incredibly funny. They also felt for Big Anthony never being able to accomplish anything right. We read The Family Christmas Tree Book and had fun going to pick up and decorate ours last weekend.

The one that they liked the most was The Art Lesson. Barrett was so upset that they could only use one piece of paper! Which, I found funny, because he NEVER likes to color. Ever. 

Turns out, he actually really enjoys drawing. He informed me that it is not the same as coloring. Which is true. It just never really occurred to me.

I know it's not totally original or that exciting- but the book inspired us to sit down and draw some aspects of our day. Indie scribbled in toddler fashion and enjoyed every second of it. Barrett drew two little boys jumping on the bed.

We hope you are also enjoying these books! We are very much looking forward to posting about Jan Brett in a few weeks.

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