Friday, January 11, 2013

Skeletal System: Resources

It's been fun to watch Bear's knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology grow this past year. I've mentioned before how he just loves to read through old anatomy textbooks. Finding words he recognizes and studying the images. I know anatomy can sometimes be a little inaccesible if you don't have a background in science (or just really really hate it) so I wanted to share some of my favorite resources we've been using the past couple of months. 

Skeleton Three Part Cards from Montessori Print Shop
We have loved going through these on a regular basis. I have been extremely pleased with how the terms are accurate and scientific but still accessible.  No knowledge of human anatomy needed on the part of the parent/teacher.

Human Skeleton Model by Learning Resources. 
 To be honest, this is actually a really frustrating piece. I read the reviews on amazon before we bought it and didn't believe them. How small could it be? It is small, it is hard to put together and it breaks easily. BUT I included it because Barrett still loves it. He brings it up to me at least once a week asking to help him put the "mandible on the cranium." It is the only model I found under $20 and it gives him a chance to put together (and take apart) all the bones. He can also label them individually or line up the pieces with his three part cards. If your on a tight budget and you don't mind attempting to build it- it's worth it.

This is a really great totally free resource. The game is a little finicky when it comes to placement so I had to help with the mouse once or twice. It's great for reinforcement and it's self correcting (which I love). It is geared towards 4th and 5th graders but any little one with an interest in the skeletal system can use it no problem.

I'm not big on worksheets but for those kids (and parents) who do like them, here are a few free ones that I really like. They have two sets to label- one with scientific and one with common names. For Bear, I have him draw a line from the word to the correct bone instead of writing it. The lines are almost always too small for pre-k/k writers. Another option would be to print it larger using the poster size on your printer option and allow them to label it that way. 

Command/Movement Activity
The last activity we've done lately is used either the three part cards or the model or both to point to different parts of our own bodies. I'll call out the name of a bone and Bear will point or wiggle that particular bone. We use the scientific terms and my husband finds that fairly amusing.

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