Friday, January 18, 2013

The Family Tree by David McPhail {Virtual Book Club}

We have really been enjoying reading through The Family Tree as part of the  Virtual Book Club for kids this month. David McPhail has an overwhelming number of amazing books but my kids seemed to gravitate towards this one in particular.

The book is about a young boy who tries to save a tree from being cut down (it's in the way of a road being built.) The tree is special to the family because the boys great great grandfather built his home in those woods as a settler. He saved that tree for shade in the summer and to block the wind in the winter. 

When I asked what he thought about the book, Bear said "that was really great of those construction workers to save the tree." 

While I personally did appreciate the concept of environmental protection seen in the book, I also loved how many different uses for trees are addressed. 

After talking a little bit about all of the uses we have for trees we went outside to play with some leftover wood scraps! The kids had so much fun building. Bear also spent a little bit of time with the screwdriver.  We also found some sticks in the yard. I didn't get around to finding the sandpaper but I will try to add that in this weekend.

All of the pieces are removable- we just used them as giant blocks.

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