Sunday, February 10, 2013

Circulatory System {Circulation} w/ free printable

I made up a super simple pack to go along with all the things we did with the heart. You can feel free to print and use by clicking on the image. It contains a mini booklet of circulation terms to complete and six cards with terms relating to the circulatory system. 

I found with this system, videos helped out immensely so here is a great page that we have loved:

Bear watched the top one a dozen or so times and was so excited to tell my husband all about  how blood flows through the body. I love seeing the kids excitement when learning new things!

Other Resources to use:
Coloring Pages of the Circulatory System (Plus a few other systems)

Check out this pinterest page for the Human Body by Maureen Spell It's got a ton of super cool activities.

Living Montessori Now also has a huge number of activities... Heart and Circulatory System

I've been prepping and working on our hands on activities and should have some fun ideas for you along with some great pictures really soon!

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