Monday, April 22, 2013

Hammer and Nails (Practical Life)

One of my favorite aspects of Montessori is following the interest of the child. 

This morning after helping me with some chores, I found Barrett wandering around the house with a hammer. He had apparently wanted to build something. Which, let's be honest, was simultaneously cute and terrifying.  He has done a ton of work on our DIY screwdriver board (still a favorite) but I thought it would be a great chance to show him how to appropriately use a hammer again.

I was able to grab some nails and a scrap piece of wood for him fairly easily. Than I put a few holes in the wood for him to practice hammering nails into. 

Super easy. 

After that, I left him alone. He found a level to use and a pencil to mark where he wanted some extra nails to go in addition to  the materials I gave him.
Afterwards he wanted to design (and build)  a fireplace. I wasn't exactly sure how the fireplace was going to work out but I told him he could design one. We LOVE google sketchup. It's free and a great resource for working with 3-D shapes and buildings.

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