Friday, April 12, 2013

Activities with Money (Coins and Dollar)

Yesterday Barrett was fairly upset that he got a dollar instead of four pennies for doing his chores. While I should just take it (and continue to give him pennies) I didn't think that was necessarily fair. So today we went over coin names, values, and how to make different amounts. 

I found a lot of inspiration from our Montessori at Home ebook. Even after searching the blogosphere for a good 20 minutes, I couldn't find anything easy to prepare and free.  Here's what we used:

100 Board (grid with 100 spaces)
Coins, pennies, nickels and dimes (at least 100 of the pennies)
1 dollar bill
blank paper/index cards to label and write a few equal signs

We went over nomenclature first. 

Next we did values.

See- not so difficult! 
I pulled out the hundred board and asked him to fill it up all the way with pennies. 

"wait! Mom, 100 pennies is the same as ONE DOLLAR! yesterday you gave me the same as 100 pennies!" 

*internal yippee you got it moment*

Skip counting by fives, tens and 25 to make a dollar.

Finally, I came up with some values under twenty cents for Barrett to make with the coins. 

Happy Friday!


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