Friday, June 28, 2013

Outdoor Kindergarten: How to make it happen

So I mentioned in our curriculum overview for next year that we were going to include "outdoor kindergarten" (or "forest kindergarten") and I thought I'd take a minute to expand on it a bit. 

A good friend of ours mentioned that she wanted to do it for her kids next year and asked if I was interested in going with her. The idea is to simply get your kids outside in an environment they can explore- and let them.

Here is a great wikipedia description 

It's simple enough but also something that could VERY easily fall in the cracks during a school year. 

I really wanted to make it a priority and not just a pipe dream. 

Here is how we are making it a priority this year!

1. Setting a day of the week just for this. Nothing else goes on the schedule that day. 

2. Collecting supplies. Backpacks, water bottles, warm coats, ponchos. Shoes to climb in.

3. Educating myself on the area and collecting reference materials. Putting these reference materials in an accessible place to the kids.

4. Buying a parks pass. This isn't necessary for free outside play BUT I know that with a pass we will be able to make it to some awesome parks and there is a motivation to get out there (we paid for it already!)  

 2013 Annual Pass
 (pic from: Colorado State Parks)

5. Going with other like minded families. Friends are always nice and a great motivation if it's raining or snowing. 

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