Sunday, June 23, 2013

Planning for the School Year- "Curriculum" Choices

Where have we been???? 

The kids have been super busy as always but I was taking a break to revamp and refocus and figure out life again. It seems that summer for us is crazy busy (much busier than the school year) and while I'm thankful for both seasons, I am looking forward to things slowing down again. 

Indie will be officially starting Montessori at home this fall. It's not really any different than what she has been doing for the past 2 1/2 years, just more responsibility on her part and more intentionality on my part! We will be going through and introducing many of the activities found in Montessori at Home! along with Teach Me to Do it Myself and Basic Montessori

Since Barrett is enrolled in a one day a week program through the county he has access to a ton of curriculum for free. I feel extremely blessed by this but also a little apprehensive! We have always LOVED our Montessori work and I had no intention of changing things up. I thought this year would be a good chance to introduce him to some different schools of thought. SO... here is what we will be working on:

Atelier Art Level 1-3

we will be using Montessori manipulatives still fairly extensively

this is another jumping off point- the worksheets seem repetitive but we will be using our Montessori materials based on the topics and work through many of the experiments

We are looking forward to visiting many of the places to get a good understanding of where we live!

Reading will be interest based- this book is hopefully to reinforce penmanship and spelling and build confidence

I'm thinking this one is not going to go over very well....

and finally...

 Outdoor Kindergarten. One day a week, no matter the weather. 

The texts and workbooks are just starting off points- if we read about space and the day turns into a week long project about rockets, I am ok with that! We have no set schedule or deadlines and it will all be interest based. I picked these books based on what I thought he would like and would get his brain going. It also gives me a good guideline for where I should be directing his work.
So far Math has been a HUGE hit and Bear worked through two science lessons today. We are supposedly off for another month but I can't bring myself to take the books away from him. I feel encouraged by the choices- I think we are in a good place!

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