Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Egg Related Science

 There is something I love about the question, any good question. The one that starts a week or month long investigation. It's one of the reasons why I absolutely love homeschooling.

This week Barrett asked a great question- "how does a chicken lay an egg?"

I did find it odd that even though we have egg laying hens in our backyard it took him three months to ask the question. But I guess I don't entirely understand the working mind of a five year old boy. Which is fair....

We started with a simple google search and came upon this great site: 

 That inspired us to draw a diagram of an egg and discuss the parts. 

Of course, we couldn't survive a science lesson without some type of experiment so we went over to Steve Spangler Science for some inspiration on egg related experiments. We did the Floating Egg and the Rubber Egg. 

To make it a bit easier, I hand wrote out what we needed along with instructions for  Bear to follow and made his observations.

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