Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Activities for 23-26 Months

1. Gross Motor. Climbing, Exploring, Running, Riding. 

 2. Coloring. Upright. On the floor. On the table. Obviously, all over her face and arms and legs.

3. Taking off and putting on clothes. 

4. Combining all of the above.

 5. Boxes. Painting. Playing. Rearranging. 

6. Puzzles.

7. Shapes. I was so excited to introduce these to her!

8. Rocks and Sand. Dirt. Sandboxes. I can't tell you how many pebbles I find in her pockets and how much time she spends just sitting in the sand in front of our house.

9. Trains. Not just for boys.

10. Pretend Play. Lots of caring for babies. Feeding. Taking to the doctor. Putting down for naps. Changing.

I tried to include the activities that Indie has done with a fair amount of regularity. Can you tell how often she actually plays with toys? Rocks, colors on different mediums, and temperature are by far the favorites right now.

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